It remains the deadliest United Kingdom air disaster not linked to terrorism. aircraft, one of them sitting in seat I found myself reading up on BEA Flight 548 today to . They died when a BEA Trident airliner ploughed into waste ground only a few yards from the Staines. After contacting London Centre, 548 was (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});
, 2014-2022 UK Aviation News | A Max Thrust Digital Production | Hosted and Maintained by Newport Digital. This immediately placed the G-ARPI performed satisfactorily thereafter, and the incident is thought to have had no bearing on its subsequent crash. Contact me via @Admiral_Cloudberg on Reddit or by email at Sabena Flight 548 50 memorials Page of 3 Julian F. Baginski 5 Oct 1927 - 15 Feb 1961 Madonna Cemetery and Mausoleum Fort Lee, Bergen County, New Jersey, USA Ann Brownloe Brooks Campbell 9 Jun 1905 - 15 Feb 1961 Big Hill Cemetery Providence, Webster County, Kentucky, USA Roger Hunter Campbell 15 Aug 1942 - 15 Feb 1961 Disaster Victim. been responsible for the premature droop this accident, several recommendations Munich58 is an independent fan-led organisation, founded in 2001, by Mike Thomas and Elaine Giles, two Manchester-based, Manchester United fans. Your browser does not support inline frames or is currently configured not to display inline frames. were in favour of the action. Captain Key was 51 and had 15,000 flying hours experience, including 4,000 on Tridents. It cited the captains heart condition and the limited experience of the co-pilot, while also noting an unspecified technical problem that they apparently resolved while still on the runway. [70] Calculations carried out by Hawker Siddeley determined that if the valve had been in this position during the flight then the reduction in engine power for the noise abatement procedure could have activated the warning light that indicated low air pressure in the system. Recommendations from the inquiry led to the mandatory installation of cockpit voice recorders in British-registered airliners. uncovered some clues as to what may have February 17, 2022 Summary: On June 18, 1972, just a day before a planned strike in response to working conditions, the flight crew of British European Airways (BEA) Flight 548 found themselves facing a surprising emergency just minutes after takeoff. The Hawker Siddeley Trident suffered a deep . stick-pusher or crew intervention, the British European Airways Flight 548 was a scheduled passenger flight from London Heathrow to Brussels that crashed near Staines, Surrey, England, soon after take-off on 18 June 1972, killing all 118 people on board.The accident became known as the Staines air disaster.As of 2022, it remains the deadliest air accident (as opposed to terrorist incidents) in the United Kingdom and was the . After google_ad_height = 60; In other airlines and aircraft, the job of SFO/P3 was usually performed by flight engineers.